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  • How do I know that it is time to begin looking for personal care services?

    This can depend on a variety of factors. For instance, an individual might become uncomfortable with living alone due to the possibilities of falling, getting sick, safety issues, forgetting to take medications, loneliness, poor nutrition or the difficulty of taking care of household responsibilities. In other instances, family members may not be able to provide a safe level of care for their loved one, or may live out of the area.

  • What if I am independent, but my spouse needs to be in assisted living/personal care?

    There are a number of couples living in personal care homes who do not share the same health needs. Some homes can make accommodations for the couple; while others cannot. This type of situation should be discussed with the individual facilities on a case by case basis.

  • How do I know what services the personal care home is supposed to provide for the residents?

    The personal care home can supply you with a description of their services, which will tell you exactly what services the home can and cannot provide. Some of the services offered at a typical personal care home include assistance with eating/drinking, bathing/personal hygiene, arranging for and managing health care, laundry, medication management, and many other services. Finding out what services a home offers is very important in determining whether or not the home can meet the individual’s needs. Each home is required to have a standard resident-home contract, which includes the fee associated with all services.

  • Are personal care homes licensed and regulated?

    Yes. All personal care homes are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Personal care homes also meet state and local health, fire, and safety laws and regulations.

  • Do I have to give all my money and possessions to the personal care home in order to receive care?

    No. You should only be asked to pay for the care and services you receive. Whatever monies and possessions you have in addition to that remains yours. Personal care homes have no direct access to your income or assets.

  • My income is fairly low. Will I be able to afford assisted living/personal care?

    Communities in the area can vary greatly in price, and depending on your income, some communities may be able to accept SSI (Supplemental Security Income). SSI makes payments to people who are low income and either 65 or older or disabled. If this is a concern for you, Hand in Hand Senior Placement can highlight communities that accept SSI.

  • How can I get a list of personal care homes in my area?

    Hand in Hand Senior Placement can discuss all local personal care facilities with you. Hand in Hand visits all of the personal care communities in the Beaver County and surrounding areas on a regular basis, and can review the financial and medical details each communities. Guidance from Hand in Hand Senior Placement is completely free of charge for our clients.

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